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Komplett modellbil i skala 1:10 med firehjulstrekk.

Tilbud NOK 1598

Før kr 1998

Modellbil fra Maverick (HPI) med gode kjøreegenskaper både til vanlig asfaltkjøring og drifting (Drifthjul ikke inkludert) .

Bilen leveres som komplettpakke med fjernstyring, NiMh-batteri og standardlader, og både ekstra batterier og flere typer hurtigladere kan kjøpes separat.

Bilen er i skala 1:10. Det vil si at bilen har en lengde på cirka 45cm.

Mer produktinfo fra Maverick på Engelsk:

The Maverick Strada range has been updated to the all-new EVO standard! With an all-new and exclusive chassis design and brand new ‘no crystal'' Maverick 2.4GHz radio system, the Strada Evo models are now tougher, more reliable and more fun than ever!

Get your thrills with Strada Evo cars, trucks and buggies!

The Strada TC Evo
Want to hit the track in style, with race-tuned suspension, 4WD traction and killer style? Look no further than the Strada TC Evo! With a durable shaft drivetrain, fully tunable suspension and high-downforce bodyshell and wing combo, this is the most capable and affordable RTR touring car set-up you can find anywhere! Take to the track and conquer the competition with The Strada TC Evo!

All New Maverick Strada Evo kits feature:
New, more durable chassis design
Aluminium upper deck
New colour scheme
Maverick 2.4GHz radio system
Completely Ready-To-Run with battery and charger

All-new Maverick 2.4GHz radio system!

The updated Maverick Strada Evo line-up of cars, backed by industry-leading support from HPI Racing UK, is the best way to get into RC and get more for your money!

Designed and refined by long time RC enthusiasts, every Maverick Strada Evo model is easy to maintain and repair, with a full range of spares available. Now you can have some serious fun with out spending serious money! Get more fun and value with Maverick, exclusively from HPI UK!

Brand new paint scheme!

You get real performance and great RTR functionality with every Maverick Strada Evo car and truck. Professionally designed moulded tub chassis provide durability and provide a stable and tough platform for a strong 4WD shaft drivetrain. Pre-built oil-filled shock absorbers and fully independent double wishbone suspension give you supreme confidence on all driving surfaces, and the installed electronics include powerful motors and long life battery packs for plenty of fun!

The Strada Evo family of 1:10th scale cars, buggies, trucks and truggies are based around the extremely tough and refined Strada Evo moulded tub chassis. The 4WD shaft drivetrain gives full power and amazing traction in all conditions, and the sealed bevel gear diffs let you have maintenance free fun! Maverick Strada kits bring you all the stability, performance and ease of use that you could ask for!

All-new chassis design!

Maverick Strada TC Evo Kit Features:
MM-22 powerful 540 motorMSC-22 forward/reverse speed control with 13-turn brushed motor limitMBP-22 1800mAh Ni-MH battery included with Tamiya battery plugMS-22 high-strength steering servoCrystal-free 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver with built-in failsafeMoulded tub chassis with optimised weight distributionFully adjustable racing suspensionBattery strap will accept both stick packs and side-by-side cells4 oil-fi lled rebuildable shocks with progressive springsSpecial titanium anodised shock topsFully independent double A-arm wishbone suspensionTough C-hub front steering knucklesTough efficient 4wd shaft drive train
Fully ballraced drive trainAluminium titanium anodised lightweight centre shaft4 ‘cut slick'' tyresAttractive split 6-spoke wheelsPre-cut body factory-finishedFully adjustable turnbuckles all roundFront and rear moulded bumpersTwin-point steering with integrated servo saverHigh-speed rear wingMoulded protective gear cover

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